About us

Since our opening in October 2016, the Wiener Christmas Salon, Vienna's first Christmas House, enchants its customers with Christmas atmosphere every day of the year.

Thanks to its unique conception, Wiener Christmas Salon is more than a shop. It carries the most important symbol of Christmas, the message of love. Besides the wonderful gifts, the specialty of the store is a little showroom where our visitors can get to know the centuries-old traditions of Christmas in various languages. In our atmospheric Salon you can relax next to the fireplace all year, while admiring the lights of the Christmas trees decorated in different styles.

The Salon is a perfect place for companies who can hold their events in this special surrounding, aswell as for children to celebrate their birthday parties. They can make Christmas gifts and decoration, take pictures with the life-size figure of Santa Claus or at the time of Advent even with the living one.