Every day Christmas in Vienna

Welcome to our World of Christmas where the Christmas cheer of your childhood can be awakened through: Christmas exhibits, our Christmas gift store, programs and decoration department.


For Guests

With my team of Christmas interior decorators, we work to make the Christmas of your dreams a reality and as memorable as possible.


For Professionals

Are you constantly on the lookout for SOMETHING SPECIAL or SOMETHING NEW to offer to your guests? You don’t know where to send your guests to make their jaws drop?

Mag. Anita Gosztola

Wiener Christmas Salon

Merry Christmas!

Welcome! I am Anita Gosztola, an ambassador of Christmas. I am a tourism manager, an event organizer, and a tour guide, as well as the founder and owner of Wiener Christmas Salon.

Let me introduce our world of Christmas and bring you the wonders and the atmosphere of the Christmas holidays – which can be enjoyed with us all year.

Do you love the holidays?

Do you value old traditions but are also open to new things? Would you like to create real harmony for yourself and your loved ones? You’ve come to the right place! I love Christmas and with the help of historians and museologists, I am researching the history of Austrian Christmas celebrations and traditions. These are values worth preserving.
I have found many fantastic things!
In my salon, the atmosphere of love which Christmas represents comes to life in the form of a beautifully decorated Christmas interior.
I love my work and I love all of you too! I appreciate that you have been following our page for almost 3 years now and I am happy that more and more of you are joining our Christmas Fan Club on Facebook.

Visit us

at Vienna’s first all-year Christmas salon! You can find many special, exclusive, limited edition, and hand-made gifts here. Traditional or classic products which take you back to your childhood. Are you a collector? Treat yourself to a new collection!

We organize

guided tours accompanied by mulled wine and Christmas cookies, as well as events which I personaly will prepare for you. Birthdays, family gatherings, or company events – any of these can be arranged. Up to 50 guests can enjoy our festively decorated environment.


Im weihnachtlichen Laune feiern wir zusammen



As you probably know, in recent years we have been visited twice by Joulupukki, the Finnish Santa Claus from Rovenijemi. He is the official European Santa Claus and every day is Christmas for him too. You certainly have someone in your life who would be very happy to receive a surprise letter from him which would be a real gift of love for Christmas.

Visit our salon, write the letter yourself, address it to someone who is dear to your heart, and the letter will be mailed to your loved one in the name of Santa Claus!



In Austria, it is the Christkindl (The Christ Child) who brings gifts to those who behaved well during the year and also to those who were a bit naughty. If there is a small child in your family, you would surely love to see the joy in her eyes as she opens the letter addressed to her personally by the Christkindl. All you have to do is come in and fill out the form for the letter and wait for the Christmas mail together. The most wonderful surprise!


“Amazing Christmas store with exceptional service. The decorations are all so beautiful, authentic and well priced. Highly recommended if you’re looking for Christmas inspiration!”

Ian, aus Google

“Außergewöhnlicher Weihnachtssalon, mit viel Liebe zum Detail aufgebaut und romantisch geschmückte Räume für Feste aller Art, einzigartig!”

Silvia, aus Google