Can you buy fairy lights for the Christmas tree from us?2021-10-07T21:55:23+01:00


This was certainly one of the most common questions in recent years. There are countless types of fairy lights and it would be impossible to stock so many different fairy lights. But we know that the demand is high and fairy lights are one of the most important decoration elements of the Christmas season. For this reason, we will offer fairy lights from 2020 as well, and if you trust our taste, we are sure you will find the perfect fairy lights. We look forward to your visit and will be happy to advise you.

Can you buy candles from us?2021-10-07T21:57:40+01:00

No, we do not offer candles for sale at Christmas Salon. But if you book the decoration for your home or your event with us, then of course we will provide candles which match the decoration.

Can you buy wrapping paper from us?2021-10-07T21:59:14+01:00

Yes, we also have wrapping paper. We offer wrapping paper in 4 different colors, which we choose with love and care, so that the Christmas gifts get a beautiful packaging. You can find the classic colors gold, silver, red and emerald green.

Is it possible to order natural Christmas trees from us?2021-10-07T22:09:00+01:00

Yes, we can also supply natural fir through our partner company.

If you book the complete decoration work with us, we can of course organize and deliver the natural fir according to your wishes.

Is it possible to buy artificial Christmas trees from us?2021-10-07T22:02:08+01:00

No, we do not have artificial Christmas trees in stock. But from the catalog you can order the most beautiful and high-quality artificial fir trees. It is important to place your order by the end of September at the latest. If you order later, we cannot guarantee the delivery in time. Have a look at our online store!

Why does a complete decoration cost so much?2021-10-07T22:06:04+01:00

This is a difficult question, but we would like you to get an overview of what elements make up the costs, to help you decide. Among other things, the price of the Christmas tree is decisive. It can be a natural fir or an artificial fir. To decorate an average, beautifully decorated Christmas tree, you need a chain of lights about 1.8- 2.2 meters long and about 300 decorative elements. The price for the individual ornaments is between 4.5 and 50 €/piece or more. You can help us choose the individual Christmas tree balls and other decorations or just add some new decorations to the existing ones. This is the best way to keep the costs in check. But as you can see, the price depends on many things. In addition, there is now the delivery, the hours of work of the decorator, the pickup and the cleanup after Christmas. For a professional decoration of a Christmas tree, you have to expect about 3-4 hours of work. Do not be alarmed, we always find a solution to the wishes of our customers. The Christmas decoration should be exactly as you have imagined it and the budget can always be adjusted to individual needs. Together, we will make sure that your Christmas will be perfect.

You are ordering a premium service from the Christmas specialist!

Is it possible to have the products delivered?2021-10-07T22:06:37+01:00

Yes, we can deliver all products and gifts to your home or send them as a parcel to the address you specify, whether at home or abroad.


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